Harry-"Did you hear, there's supposed to be a vampire coming?

Luna-"Rufus Scrimgeour?"

Harry-"I-what? You mean the Minister of Magic?"

Luna-"Yes, he's a vampire, Father wrote a very long article about it when Scrimgeour first took over from Cornelius Fudge, but he was forced not to publish it by someone from the Ministry. Obviously, they didn't want the truth to get out!"

-Luna and Harry on their way to Slughorn's Christmas Party

Luna has a wide variety of beliefs. From real to unreal. Here are a few:

  • Almost everything from The Quibbler
  • That Pigwidgeon is a cute owl
  • That Sirius Black is actually Stubby Boardman
  • Harry, when he says Volemort's returned
  • That the Tutshill Tornados were winning the Quidditch League by a combination of blackmail, illegal broom-tampering, and torture
  • A wizard had flown to the moon on a Cleensweep Six
  • Mrs. Lovegood was an extraordinary witch
  • That she will see her mum again
  • That people expect Harry to have cooler friends than them (herself and Neville Longbottom)
  • That Hagrid wasn't a very good teacher; that he was a joke
  • That Rufus Scringeour is a vampire
  • That Harry shouldn't be an Auror
  • That the Aurors are part of the Rotfang Conspiracy, and are working to bring down the Ministry of Magic from within using a combination of Dark Magic, and gum disease.

Luna also believes in many magical creatures:

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