"People like Luna because she's like a breath of fresh air..."

Evanna Lynch portrayed Luna Lovegood in the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth movies. Evanna has always been a very big fan of Harry Potter and really wanted to be in the films, but didn't who she should portray. When Luna came in, she really wanted to be her. There was an open casting call for Luna and she really wanted to go. Her mother didn't want her to. She thought she didn't have a hope, but her dad flew her over for the audition. Evanna won the part, beating 15,000 girls.

"That's how she was different from all the others; the others could play Luna, Evanna Lynch is Luna."

It is stated that Evanna is Luna, but she denies it. She is very much like her though, says many co-workers and fans.

Evanna says she is still more of a fan than anything else. She says that whenever she reads the books, she doesn't imagine herself in her mind when Luna comes in, she just imagines her the way she did before she was Luna.

Evanna says she very much likes Luna's clothing. She made her Dirigible Plum earrings, and her hare bracelet she wore in the film to Professor Slughorn's Christmas Party.